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Your path to parenthood

Boost your chances of pregnancy and get a healthy baby with AI-powered, data-driven fertility guidance designed by doctors.

The hidden truth about fertility

1 in 5 couples

face difficulty conceiving after a year

  • Irregular ovulation
  • Low sperm quality
  • PCOS, thyroid Issues, genetic factors
1 in 4 pregnancies

end in loss

  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Hormonal issues
  • Damaged sperm DNA
90 days

of preparation is a missed preconception step

  • A complete sperm cycle takes 74 days, and women need months to accumulate vital nutrients for a healthy pregnancy.
  • Parents' preconception health significantly impacts a child's heart, metabolic, immune, and neurological development.

It has never been easier to manage your fertility

Get personalized, science-backed insights powered by AI

Custom tips designed for women

Custom tips designed for women

Custom tips designed for men

Custom tips designed for men

Empower your fertility journey with FertLi


Your health profile

Share details about you and your partner's lifestyles and health history.

Your health profile

AI-powered analysis

FertLi analyzes your information, predicting your chances of pregnancy and potential miscarriage risks. You'll receive personalized insights to help you optimize your fertility and make informed decisions about your journey.

AI-powered analysis

Uncover hidden risks

Receive a personalized lab test plan to identify any underlying health conditions that could impact your fertility.

Uncover hidden risks

Your unique fertility roadmap

Follow your plan with confidence, knowing it's backed by science and developed with leading fertility specialists.

Your unique fertility roadmap

Take control of your happiness. Start your journey with us.

Still have questions?

How is our approach different?

At FertLi, we redefine fertility care with a comprehensive approach.

Unified Care: Unlike conventional methods that may overlook critical factors, we view every couple as a unit. Acknowledging that a male factor contributes to infertility in 50% of cases, the FertLi framework integrates both partners' health data, ensuring a holistic assessment without missing vital details.

AI-driven Insights: Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, we analyze your health data to pinpoint factors affecting your fertility. Every insight is grounded in scientific research and validated by medical experts, offering you trusted analysis for informed decisions.

Expert-crafted Recommendations: Our recommendations are designed by seasoned doctors and fertility specialists. Tailored for your specific needs, these expert strategies guide you step by step toward achieving parenthood.

Can I use it with no partner?

Absolutely. Whether you're on this journey alone, planning for egg freezing, or considering ART procedures with donor material, our system accommodates your unique situation. It adjusts to focus solely on the factors relevant to you.

For those who have a partner but wish to proceed individually, you can input information based on your understanding of your partner's lifestyle.

Can I use it before the IUI / IVF procedure?

Our solution complements ART treatments, including IUI and IVF.

Recognizing that each individual’s journey is unique, our holistic approach aimed at enhancing the primary objectives of fertility treatments: improving the quality of reproductive cells from both partners and preparing for a successful pregnancy.

Our fertility plan is a valuable addition to doctors' and fertility clinics' efforts. It can boost the success rates of ART treatments. We are committed to providing support every step of the way.